Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are deemed to be acknowledged and accepted by customers when a booking is made.


We pride ourselves for being reputable operator in our local area we provide our service to and by providing the very best customer service as we care always strive to achieve highest satisfaction and reliable service for all customers; although we pursue and every effort is made to ensure, there may be times, due to such things that is outside of our control, where we were not met to deliver the highest quality of service.

Our record shows that rate of all errors; due to whatever reasons, is less than 0.4% out of all transfers carried out annually.


If such event of any inconvenience caused with your schedule, please feel free to be in touch with us and kindly advise management know of your experience and we will investigate why and how about the event in order to make every endeavour to rectify the problem where possible.



  • Please ensure the date given as return is the date of arriving to Sydney not a date of departing from overseas night before especially if departing from the other part of the globe.


  • Please be advised that reminder is sent out for every booking at least 1 ~ 3 days prior to scheduled transfer, however all passengers are encouraged to communicate with us proactively to confirm that there is no changes for their scheduled transfer a day before and it is always good to leave us with a secondary contact number.


  • For maximum comfort and safety of passengers we may refuse to overload excessive luggage or may charge additional fees.


  • Passengers are to be seated in the vehicle and Seatbelt must be fastened.


  • Passengers are responsible for their own belongings and we do not accept any liability for loss or any damages to luggage. 


  • Please be advised that our fare is always based on private transfer also inclusive of GST, all tolls and Parking where applicable. Should there be a time where we had no other options to avoid but to make a shared transfer, then full fare will not be charged and the fare for affected parties will be adjusted appropriately.


  • Payment for Business Trip should be made by Card only and will incur merchant fee, Email address is also required to make a transaction by POS we use, it is recommended if you’d like to keep Tax Invoice in your inbox.


  • Smoking or Consumption of Alcohol is prohibited at all times.


  • All Passengers are arriving to Airport / Cruise to be picked up from, requires to contact us by SMS or a call upon arrival in order to keeping the driver informed of where you are about to ensure smooth timely pick up.


  • If passenger’s Primary or Secondary mobile phone is switched off when we try to contact (which were provided during the booking was made), we will still be proceeding to the designate Meeting point or Pick up point as per our protocol, we will be holding Name Board at or around the area. If there is still no sign of appearance we may need to move on to be on track with rest of schedules.